Cayman Islands Company Registration - fee schedule

Cayman Islands company registration New company
Company names search
Document preparation
Registrar of shareholders, director and members
5 sets of Memorandum & Articles of Association
Share certificates book of ten certificates
One authorised signature chop
One common seal
Certificate of incorporation
Company kit box
Includes Cayman Island Government fees
Includes Cayman Island registered agent
Includes Cayman Island registered office
Full set Certified True Copy of company documents (by Hong Kong Certified Public Accountants for bank account opening) Free

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Free courier service for all company documents and company kit box to :

Hong Kong, China, Macau & Taiwan

Company name search Free
English company name HK$25,000
English and Chinese company name HK$27,000

 Steps to setting up a new Cayman Islands company :

  1. Incorporate new Cayman Islands company : decide on your preferred company names
  2. Fill in the Application Form (click here) and return to us (either email to  or fax to (852) 2854 1788) together with copies of identity card or passport and proof of residential address of all shareholder(s) and director(s) of the company.
  3. We will check whether the proposed company name is available for registration.
  4. We will contact client for identity verification.
  5. After checking your application documents, we will email fee note to you for settlement.
  6. We will prepare official documents after we have received your payment.
  7. You can come to our office to sign the official documents, or we can email the documents to you for signing.
  8. Certificate of Incorporation and Company document box set will be ready in 14 working days.
  9. We will notify you once the company is incorporated. 
    You can collect the relevant documents and company kit box, or we can courier all company documents and the company kit box to you.